Quadio Ultra True Bi-Wire Pair Speaker Cables

Notice: These cables are designed for bi-amping.

Outperform any silver-based cable – guaranteed – with our newest EPiC copper at the core of every Calabrine Quadio speaker cable. With 50% fewer impurities than standard OFC copper, the Quadio series offers identical performance over a lifetime.

Performance Characteristics

  • Low Resistance: 200 strands of our new extreme purity EPiC copper (99.9998% pure), combine to form an effective 13 gauge in the true bi-wire mode. Stranding the conductors provides better flexibility, performance, and fatigue resistance than a singular core.
  • Low Interference: The quad weave geometry is reinforced with 4 dielectric spacers and a primary teflon core spacer to ensure spacing is absolutely consistent (preventing EMI and decreasing inductance).
  • Low Power Loss: Compared to some exotic, small gauge silver cables, power loss can be up to 300% less.
  • Meticulous Termination: Termination is done by hand and tested thoroughly. All termination points are treated inside and out with a safe chemical coating to maintain a clean electrical connection for the life of the cable.
  • Tremendous Fit: Locking banana connectors which can be dialed in for a perfect coupling and universal spade connectors fit both 1/4" and 3/4" binding posts. (Note: Please remember to unlock the bananas when removing them.)


  • Attractive protective sleeving (colored with red and gray accents)
  • Custom EMI resistant termination breakout (1MHz/100dB shielding)
  • Triple insulation of exposed individual conductors at endpoints


  • Every speaker cable is tested for both electrical characteristics and acoustically with a full length test CD.

black sleeving is available at checkout

Please Note: cables longer than 3M will be assembled on a made to order basis as well as orders requiring termination with spades

If you have terminals on the amp side that are greater than 5 inches apart, let us know by attaching a note to your order or notify us through the “CONTACT US” at the bottom of our home page and we will custom make the spread at the amp per your measurements. (Please do not order these cables if you’re not sure how to connect them to your amp or pre amp using the color coded rings)

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