Catapult™ Subwoofer Cable

The Catapult subwoofer cable helps deliver flawless, articulate bass to your subwoofer. The design features a super-dense double layer shielding that will provide plenty of signal protection, even over long runs to the rear of your theater. Locking RCA connectors on each end of the cable ensure that proper contact is always achieved.

Some highlights include:

  • Signal attenuation of less than 1dB at 100ft
  • Polyethylene Dielectric isolates conductors
  • 100% Double Shield coverage
  • Attractive mesh braiding at all lengths
  • Treated termination for prevention of arcing, RFI, tarnishing, and abrasion
  • Silver Solder used in termination
  • Environmentally friendly design (RoHS compliant)


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