Black Widow Ultimate Speaker Cable Pair


The Black Widow Ultimate series is our top of the line speaker cable, offering 8 OFC conductors, 7 gauge design in Standard and Bi-wire configurations.  The Ultimate designation adds our newly designed Tellurium Copper Bananas - similar designs of this banana retail for upwards of $65 per plug.  We've pulled out all of the stops: this speaker cable is serious.


  • Over 2.5 times more conductivity than standard "High Brass" bananas (based on the IACS standard).
  • Durable - composition of alloy in bananas prevents "snapping" - bends, but does not break.
  • 8 Conductor design offers extremely low resistance
  • Designed for use with full sized, high end speaker setups with dedicated amplifiers
  • (Note: Please remember to unlock the bananas when removing them.)

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