I must start by saying my first experience was the careful hand holding when making my purchase via email communication. Paul was Johnny on the spot when it came to answering my questions and I usually received a reply within minutes! Once my order was placed, I promptly received confirmation of my order…. Now I figured all that I had to do was wait for the usual 10 to 14 business days to get my order that most online companies offer. To my surprise the postal service was knocking on my door within 48 hours. A quick John Hancock, and and I was ready to go! 

I was totally blown away by the build quality of the new Calabrine Quadio speaker cables I had ordered. The weight, fit and finish and quality of workmanship was amazing and I could not wait to get my new B&W CM8’s and the B&W CM Centre 2 connected to see what these fat pipes could bring to the table. Replacing my trusty Transparent cables was a bit concerning, but after hearing the ooohs and ahhhs and wiping the drool from the floor that was being produced by my high end custom installers, I was feeling pretty darn good about my new investment. The Quadio introduced a soundstage like I have never heard in my room! The Calabrine cables were clearly opening up a whole new world! After only 2 hours of listening, I hear the cables coming more and more to life and I cannot wait to see what they sound like in a month!

Thanks to Calabrine, I have found a much more affordable solution to better sound! These cables can easily compete with other cables I have owned at 3 to 5 times the price!

Written by Ryan Stocker — January 16, 2012

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