System Information:
  • CD player: Gryphon Mikado
  • Preamp: Modwright 9.0 SE tube preamp
  • Amps: pair of Consonance Cyber 211 monblocks, Sanders ESL solid-state amp
  • Speakers: Escalante Design Fremont
  • Stands: Steve Blinn stands

Adrian writes:

“I think the synergy of the system has improved tremendously with the Calabrine cables. The midrange is to die for! And the soundstage is big! Everybody that comes for a listening session in my audio room is floored by the sound. Of course when they asked about the cables, they can’t believe the price! They expect something at least 3 times more expensive!!!

I got the interconnects and the whole system is soooo good sounding!!! What a synergy! Thank you for making such a great product! Keep up the good work!”

Adrian Lungu is a Research Chemist by day, professional Audiophile by night. Adrian is a Field Representative for Norvinz, a company that offers a unique audition process – customers actually audition equipment hassle-free in Adrian’s home, affording them a relaxed, authentic experience difficult to match in a store.

Written by Ryan Stocker — December 22, 2007

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