Check out Joel Brenner's theater, featuring Klipsch speakers and a Yamaha receiver: Joel Writes:

I got them all hooked up. I really like the way they lock in, very cool. And they look sweet. At first I hooked up just the right channel and left the left channel hooked up with a monster cable xp series. I could definitely hear an improvement in the vocal clarity and detail in cymbals. Not a gigantic difference, but it was there, which is pretty good considering Monster isn't too bad. I didn't really compare bass, because the improvements I'm looking for aren't in bass, so I can't really comment on that.

Here's the neat part. Next I ran the YPAO on the Yamaha receiver and looked at the results. The mic was right in the middle of the speakers on my coffee table about 7 feet out. The eq was 1.5db higher @ 800hz, 2db higher @ 6.3khz, 1.5db higher @ 13khz, and 0.5db higher @ 16khz on the monster side. That's real results!

Thank you,

Written by Ryan Stocker — November 05, 2007

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