Featured Customer: Scott Bowen

I must start by saying my first experience was the careful hand holding when making my purchase via email communication. Paul was Johnny on the spot when it came to answering my questions and I usually received a reply within minutes! Once my order was placed, I promptly received confirmation of my order…. Now I figured all that I had to do was wait for the usual 10 to 14 business days to get my order that most online companies offer. To my surprise the postal service was knocking on my door within 48 hours. A quick John Hancock, and and I was ready to go! 

I was totally blown away by the build quality of the new Calabrine Quadio speaker cables I had ordered. The weight, fit and finish and quality of workmanship was amazing and I could not wait to get my new B&W CM8’s and the B&W CM Centre 2 connected to see what these fat pipes could bring to the table. Replacing my trusty Transparent cables was a bit concerning, but after hearing the ooohs and ahhhs and wiping the drool from the floor that was being produced by my high end custom installers, I was feeling pretty darn good about my new investment. The Quadio introduced a soundstage like I have never heard in my room! The Calabrine cables were clearly opening up a whole new world! After only 2 hours of listening, I hear the cables coming more and more to life and I cannot wait to see what they sound like in a month!

Thanks to Calabrine, I have found a much more affordable solution to better sound! These cables can easily compete with other cables I have owned at 3 to 5 times the price!

Written by Ryan Stocker — January 16, 2012

Featured Customer: Bob Matick

Bob writes:

“Just hooked up the cables… Sound is wonderful, didn’t really think it would make a huge difference, boy was I wrong! These are much much better. I can’t believe how more balance and full the sound is. Vocals were extremely good, highs are great, lows tight and solid, imaging had a significant improvement, that went hand in hand with an improved sound stage. Man these are good.

The cables, all of them are beautiful, they look great. The pictures do not do them justice. These cables look expensive and have a feel and appearance of very high quality. The interconnects are very impressive looking plugged into the equipment. Looks so good I actually want the cables to be visible.

I am using [Popular Retail Cable Brand] currently and I must tell you I was not expecting much. At first, I couldn’t tell, but within a few moments it became clear, more detail, but the tonal quality was so vastly improved. There was more air to the highs and the bass seemed tighter. The over all balance was improved as well. The overall effect… it opened up the music. I can’t believe what I am about to say… it was very similar to letting wine breath. The flavour of the wine is opened up and richer, so was the music. What became evident; there was a bit of a tightness with the other interconnects, yours allowed the music to open up. And, finally the sound stage was also improved and more defined.

One thing that was really interesting, at lower levels the overall musical quality of the system came through. B&W’s are not know for there efficiencies, but I found there was a marked and significant improvement at a lower listening level. That was very surprising. To me this means the cables are doing what they are suppose to be doing, and that is getting out of the way. The electrical impulses are obviously not being restricted. This is exactly what a cable should be doing to my mind.

I really did not think there was going to be a significant difference. I was wrong. There was. Anyone with any kind of equipment is going to get more out of their system with these cables.”

Written by Ryan Stocker — January 24, 2008

Featured Customer: Adrian Lungu

System Information:
  • CD player: Gryphon Mikado
  • Preamp: Modwright 9.0 SE tube preamp
  • Amps: pair of Consonance Cyber 211 monblocks, Sanders ESL solid-state amp
  • Speakers: Escalante Design Fremont
  • Stands: Steve Blinn stands

Adrian writes:

“I think the synergy of the system has improved tremendously with the Calabrine cables. The midrange is to die for! And the soundstage is big! Everybody that comes for a listening session in my audio room is floored by the sound. Of course when they asked about the cables, they can’t believe the price! They expect something at least 3 times more expensive!!!

I got the interconnects and the whole system is soooo good sounding!!! What a synergy! Thank you for making such a great product! Keep up the good work!”

Adrian Lungu is a Research Chemist by day, professional Audiophile by night. Adrian is a Field Representative for Norvinz, a company that offers a unique audition process – customers actually audition equipment hassle-free in Adrian’s home, affording them a relaxed, authentic experience difficult to match in a store.

Written by Ryan Stocker — December 22, 2007

Featured Customer Theater

Check out Joel Brenner's theater, featuring Klipsch speakers and a Yamaha receiver: Joel Writes:

I got them all hooked up. I really like the way they lock in, very cool. And they look sweet. At first I hooked up just the right channel and left the left channel hooked up with a monster cable xp series. I could definitely hear an improvement in the vocal clarity and detail in cymbals. Not a gigantic difference, but it was there, which is pretty good considering Monster isn't too bad. I didn't really compare bass, because the improvements I'm looking for aren't in bass, so I can't really comment on that.

Here's the neat part. Next I ran the YPAO on the Yamaha receiver and looked at the results. The mic was right in the middle of the speakers on my coffee table about 7 feet out. The eq was 1.5db higher @ 800hz, 2db higher @ 6.3khz, 1.5db higher @ 13khz, and 0.5db higher @ 16khz on the monster side. That's real results!

Thank you,

Written by Ryan Stocker — November 05, 2007

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